Soap with Mastiha,Levander and Sandalwood 100gr


Mastiha has excellent antimicrobial and healing properties which contribute to the effective regeneration of the skin, the healing and collagen synthesis. Mastiha adhesive significantly increases the action of adhesive dressings when used as the only means to cover wounds and incisions. Moreover, other studies show that mastiha and it’s extracts help to the effective regeneration of the skin and collagen synthesis.

Ingredients: Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua olea europaea (pure olive oil< gel, palm acids, Sodium Chloride, glycerin, palm kernel acids, pontasodium pentetate dtpa, lavender fragrance 0,3%, sandalwood fragrance 0,45%, Chios Mastiha 1%, Chios mastiha flavor 0,3%
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