Chrisomelo’s Oak Honey among Japan’s top 5 honeys!

Chrisomelo's Oak Honey Japan's top 5 honeys!

Chrisomelo’s Oak Honey among Japan’s top 5 honeys!

Another great recognition  for  Chrisomelo’s bee products from faraway, Japan and their excellent partners from Helios Greek Products.

The  CHRISOMELO Oak Honey,  according to Japan’s An An weekly magazine and Japan Honey Meister, is now ranked in the top 5 honeys of the Japanese market.

It is the first time Greek honey is on this list. Indeed, this particular variety was highlighted as the PRODUCT OF  THE YEAR  for the period 2018-2019 in Greece and abroad.

CHRISTOMELO’ S team and all of their partners are very proud that CHRISOMELO BEE products have established themselves in the demanding and high standard Japanese market and are day by day integrated into the eating habits of Japanese consumers.