TERRA FYLLIDA. Journey to the Magic Mushroom World!


The whole idea of ​​Terra Fyllida Journey to the Magic Mushroom World! was born in 2015 and our beloved Dimitra Chatziaslani, founder and Sales Manager, tells us about her!

We were born and raised in Thessaloniki; our parents were from Serres. In times of crisis, we faced the dilemma of moving abroad (as most young people chose to do so) or staying in Greece and dealing here with something innovative. So, through decentralization we chose the place of origin of our parents and invested in the agricultural sector.

My brother and I founded Terra Fyllida in 2015. Although we come from different professional backgrounds, gastronomy commanded the attention of both of us. At the beginning of 2019, my brother left, deciding to pursue something different and so, I took the helm of the company, continuing our vision and the journey we started together.

What is it that prompted you to create your company?

We love mushrooms and want to present them in different ways and ideas, so we opted for processing and standardization, with the vision of having our flavors travel around the world.

What inspired you? Why did you choose the mushroom?

We found a gap in the market for quality standardized non-canned mushroom products so we wanted to create new ideas and get people to know mushrooms differently…!

Our goal is to highlight their high nutritional value.

What is it that you love most about your job?

We designed our products in terms of quality, different taste than we had ever known in a mushroom before and the ability the consumer to get a finished product, without having to cook it that moment, with original flavor combinations.

In various exhibitions we participate or in tasting days, we enjoy the excitement and acceptance of people who give us the moral satisfaction that we have designed and managed to add delicious and healthy mushrooms on their daily table.

Of course, I admit that the fact that from a moment of inspiration and through many experiments and trials to design and produce a new product that attracts fans, that gives us great pleasure and is the most creative part of our work.

What is the magic material that makes your company so innovative and pioneering?

We use only fresh mushrooms as a basic raw material, which we process as soon as we receive them in our modern facilities and all other materials are carefully selected for their excellent quality. We prepare our products with the care a mother would cook for her children!

For example, even for the taste and aroma of orange we wanted to give to the Chutney Chili mushroom, orange curry, we did not use artificial orange flavors as is common in the food industry, but we produce our own orange juice made from fresh oranges and take the zest from the orange peel!

Other questions may come up during my cooking and photography, so I will bother you again.

I will definitely need to add your own photo and logo if you like.

What new are you preparing for this time?

This time, Terra Fyllida is in the process of preparing and testing new products that, if all goes well, will be released in January 2020… stay tuned!!!