Escagort De Crete

Summer said goodbye and autumn has arrived! With the change of weather our skincare needs change too….
Autumn is the season that usually inspires us to take new decisions, to revitalize and to enter into program not only in terms of habits and our lifestyle but in everything has to do with the skin and the way we treat it. Since tan covered the imperfections, during the summer, we have abandoned with ease the systematic skin care. But once the brassy color starts to fade we realize that the blemishes and fine lines are still there, while the Sun and the irregularities probably have added new markings on the face and the body

And while  prevention against solar rays is the ideal solution to protect the skin, now thanks to sophisticated cosmetic compositions of Escargot de Crete  Cream  is  way to remedy even if the damage of the Sun have already made its appearance.
The secret of youth comes from snails … …

Panacea 3 face cream. A product exclusively based on the striking characteristics of the snails’ secretion and the unique method of collecting and processing it.  Panacea 3 face cream manages to trap all beneficial properties of the snails’ secretion and offers them to the skin in the most friendly way with maximum absorption. Problems, such as wrinkles, discolourations, acne, skin allergies and irritations, sores, scars and burns etc can now be addressed with Panacea 3 . The product’s analyses  showed high content of some of the most important ingredients of the snails’ secretion, such as allantoin, elastin, phenols etc, a fact that explains the astonishing results deriving from the use of the cream by hundreds of people. The high content of snails’ slime in Panacea 3 , its unique and innovative processing and its high quality due to the special breeding of the snails provides the cream with extraordinary characteristics for healthy skin.

Panacea 3 provides rich antioxidant, anti-aging and antiwrinkle action leaving the skin clean and really hydrated, full of glow.